To my dismay (and klutziness), I spilled a glass of water onto my laptop keyboard.

I powered it down (upside down), cleaned it up and dried it out.

To my relief, despite some initial crackling noises, the laptop is fine except my Up-Arrow key is now non-functional :(.

Until I replace the keyboard, I now have to compensate for how much I do use the Up-Arrow, which is plenty.

Terminal (ZSH w/Oh-My-Zsh)

I spend most of my time in a terminal where the Up-Arrow is incredibly useful to backtrack over your command history. Here’s one way I cope:

$ !! <Enter>
$ git push

In that example, git push was the last command I wrote.

Let’s say I want to execute my last scp command:

$ !scp <Enter>
$ scp -r server:/mnt/media/movies/The\\\ Lord\\\ of\\\ the\\\ Rings\\\ The\\\ Fellowship\\\ of\\\ the\\\ Ring .

Fun fact, yesterday a local-ish power outage had my Internet connection down. I decided to move a few movies over to my laptop that were each ~4 hours in just in case.


When in the default Command-mode (as opposed to Insert-mode), to scroll up line-by-line I now have to use k which will scroll up one line at a time.

Why this post?

I suppose I want to illustrate that there’s usually a way to work around issues, never give up!